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Below you will find resources written and spoken by Dr. Rankin relating to giftedness, gifted students, and gifted education. These include books, articles and journal papers (many of which can be accessed online), presentations (such as her keynote presentations and recorded presentations), and media interviews.




Of the 10 books Dr. Rankin has written, the following books relate to gifted education (click on any book's image, above, for more details):

  • Engaging & challenging gifted students: Tips for supporting extraordinary minds in your classroom. Alexandra, VA: ASCD.
  • Data system-embedded analysis support’s implications for Latino students and diverse classrooms. In C. Curran & A. Petersen (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Classroom Diversity and Inclusive Education Practice, (pp. TBD-TBD). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Articles & Journal Papers


Dr. Rankin's articles and journal papers on gifted education can be found within a long list on Dr. Rankin's Publications & Research page.



Dr. Rankin's presentations (such as her TED Talk at TEDxTUM, keynote presentations, and recorded presentations), many of which focus on gifted education, can be perused in a visually robust gallery on Dr. Rankin's Speeches & Presentations page, or within a long list (in traditional CV format).

Dr. Rankin's media interviews relating to gifted education can be found within a long list on her Media Appearances page.

Short Bio


Dr. Rankin's bio related to gifted education:

Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin teaches the PostDoc Masterclass at University of Cambridge but lives most of the year in California writing books on her research in education, such as her most recent book: Engaging & Challenging Gifted Students. Dr. Rankin is a Mensan who volunteers as the assistant coordinator of the Mensa Gifted Youth Program in her spare time. She has a Ph.D. in Education and served as an award-winning K-12 teacher, school administrator, district administrator, and chief education & research officer. She also grew up in her district’s gifted program and is the parent of a gifted child. She presents her research regularly for such organizations as Mensa, the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, and the U.S. Department of Education, and delivers keynotes and speeches (her TED Talk at TEDxTUM touches on education, and she delivers regular keynotes on gifted education). Dr. Rankin has been honored multiple times by The White House for her contributions to education.

Please see Dr. Rankin's complete CV for details on her expertise and professional accomplishments.