Arrange for Dr. Rankin to Present

Dr. Rankin is available to deliver keynote presentations and training workshops on topics like:

  • Sharing Research Widely & Effectively (this is great for teams of professors or researchers in any field)

  • Sharing Knowledge Widely & Effectively (this can be adapted for any field or role)

  • Moving People with Data (this can be adapted for any field or role)

  • Data & Storytelling to Drive Action (this can be adapted for any field or role)

  • Data Visualization (this can be adapted for any field or role)

  • Empowering Teachers to Have a Powerful Voice in the Field of Education

  • Empowering Teachers to Be Leaders in the Field …without Having to Change Jobs

  • Teacher Burnout

  • Challenging & Engaging Gifted Students

  • Challenges Gifted Students Face

  • Finding and Sharing Your Voice with the World (great for students)

  • How to Share Your Ideas with the World (great for students)

  • Writing for Different Audiences

  • Authoring Your First Book

  • Public Speaking: How to Inform, Wow, & Move Any Audience

  • Leverage Technology to Move People

  • Leverage Data to Move People

  • Sharing Your Voice: How to Be Heard in an Inequitable World

  • Ways Your Students Can Become Thought Leaders

  • Branding Yourself as a Thought Leader in Education

  • Branding or Rebranding Your School

Note these sessions all incorporate equity aspects, are lively and engaging, and are tailored to each new audience’s needs. Dr. Rankin’s standard rate sheet (covering speaking fee, travel expense terms, etc.) is available here.

Speaking Samples

Some examples of Dr. Rankin speaking include her (a) TED Talk, (b) this short clip, and (c) the recordings that accompany some of Dr. Rankin’s presentation pages.



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