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Award-winning educator Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin is a Fulbright Specialist who previously taught the Post Doc Masterclass at University of Cambridge, England (as visiting lecturer) and spends the rest of her time living in Laguna Beach, California writing books relating to data, education, teacher burnout, gifted education, and sharing one's research and expertise with the world. She has 2 doctorates: a Ph.D. in Education, as well as an honorary doctorate L.H.D. Dr. Rankin has served as an award-winning K-12 teacher, teacher on special assignment, assistant principal / school administrator, school district administrator, and chief education & research officer (CERO).

Dr. Rankin is a Fulbright Specialist who presents her research findings and expertise regularly. Her many media appearances include Good Housekeeping, Huffington Post (HuffPost), Reader’s Digest, Mensa, National Public Radio (NPR), NBC News, Newsweek, Nonfiction Authors Association (NFAA), O: The Oprah Magazine, The Orange County Register, The San Diego Union Tribune, The Seattle Times, Sunday Star-Times [New Zealand], U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Post, countless commendations in the media, and congressional testimonies to inform legislation.

She has delivered 191 keynotes and other presentations at 64 different venues in 7 countries, for organizations like the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and U.S. Department of Education, and she frequently presents internationally (e.g., her TED Talk at TEDxTUM). She also presents at mainstream events, such as serving as a panelist (on a Mensa panel concerning science and research) at Comic-Con.

In addition to her 10 books, Dr. Rankin's 137 papers and articles have appeared in 38 different publications, including Psychology Today (for which she writes an ongoing column), EdSurge, Education Week, Educational Leadership, Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, Mensa Bulletin and other magazines and journals. Dr. Rankin is an active member of Mensa (serving as Coordinator of the Mensa Gifted Youth Program in Orange County) and many educational organizations, and she serves on multiple advisory boards.

Dr. Rankin’s many honors include winning Teacher of the Year and being honored multiple times by the U.S. White House for her contributions to education (for example, the American flag was flown over the U.S. Capitol Building in honor of Dr. Rankin and her dedication to students). Details on Dr. Rankin's specific accomplishments follow in her CV (below).


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