This email would be appropriate for an educator leader to send an appropriate District Office administrator to request a data matrix.


Dear District Office Administrator Overseeing Data Quality,


As you know, data quality is paramount to effective data use. I have read of the benefits to data cleanliness when staff has access to a districtwide data input matrix to guide them in understanding (and correctly inputting/managing data for) data system fields. For example, front office staff can use such a matrix when fielding registration forms or entering demographic changes, and teachers can use such a matrix if using data system information to complete non-computerized testing answer documents that missed pre-ID.


Can you please send me such a matrix? I’ve added some details below in case they can be of help. According to what I read, a districtwide matrix should be available for every key screen or data type in the data system (i.e., those used by staff), and each row should contain a single field’s information:


  • field (label in the system for a single datum; e.g., STU.PED)
  • description (e.g., parent ed. level: highest level of education completed by either of the student’s known parents)
  • appropriate codes to enter (e.g., 0 = Less Than High School Completion, 1 = High School Completion, etc.)
  • source (e.g., Student Registration Form)


I also read the following details can be supplied for a single matrix (if it is the same for all fields listed) but should otherwise be indicated for each field:


  • screen (page within data system where field appears)
  • who enters/changes? (role/name of person responsible for entering or changing the field’s datum)
  •  contact for support? (e.g., Help Desk at 1-800...)


Thank you very much for your time and assistance. I realize creating such a matrix will be an extensive endeavor if our data system provider doesn’t provide one and/or if our district has not yet created one, but I’m sure such a matrix would be widely used and effective.


- Me