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Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin's 10th book, Sharing Your Education Expertise with the World: Make Research Resonate and Widen Your Impact, was published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis (2019). This book covers content the author teaches in a professional development course for the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and in the Post Doc Masterclass at University of Cambridge. This book helps any education expert (primary and secondary school teachers, administrators, education graduate students, professors, researchers, etc.) share what he or she knows with the world.

Too often experts speak in silos where they share with only one type of audience (such as teachers sharing with colleagues but not outside the school, or researchers publishing in academic journals but not in publications most teachers read). Other times experts try to share their ideas but don’t know the most effective or efficient ways to gain exposure. The more you share your knowledge, work, and/or research, the more you can help students. Thus, this book helps you “get out there” with:

  • branding (crafting your pitch, leveraging social media, etc.)

  • writing (landing book deals and succeeding in key writing opportunities)

  • speaking (giving TED Talks, delivering conference keynote presentations, appearing on NPR, etc.)

  • participating (making connections, influencing policy, etc.)

  • serving (such as joining panels and advisory boards)

  • honors (winning awards and recognition to expand your platform)

  • media (landing interviews and contributing to public dialogue)

Special features include downloadable eResources that provide hundreds of opportunities (links and details to apply to be featured on radio and podcasts, present at conferences and other events, write for different publications, have one’s book published, etc.), templates, and exercises. Though pursuing the prospects in this book will enhance your resume, CV, and career, the greater incentive is that you’ll enhance more students’ lives when you share your expertise with the world.

You have something valuable to share. Open this book and step onto the world stage so you can help as many students as possible.


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To purchase the book from Amazon, click here. The book is also available from other popular sellers, such as the publisherBarnes & Noble, Goodreads, Booktopia (Australia), Telegraph (UK), etc.

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This book has already been honored by the Society of Professors of Education (SPE) with the 2019 “Outstanding Book Award” Honorable Mention, presented to Dr. Rankin as the 2019 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting.


This book has received the following reviews: 

"[Sharing Your Education Expertise with the World] is packed with great ideas and helpful tips, hints, and resources for any educator who wants to widen her/his sphere of influence and/or move their career to the next level. Moreover, Rankin uses her uniquely empathic, supportive, kind, humorous, and sometimes engagingly nerdy* voice to rejuvenate, energize, inspire, and maybe even cajole readers to believe they can and should share their expertise with others." [read the entire review at www.middleweb.com/39346/share-your-education-expertise-with-the-world]

-       Rita Platt, school principal, teaches graduate courses for the Professional Development Institute and blogs at Heart of the School for MiddleWeb 

“This book is an excellent resource for education experts, and many of the tips and ideas also apply to researchers and other experts who don’t focus on education. Whether the reader plans to implement a few of the ideas or wants to create a full-blown communications, outreach, and professional advancement plan, Jenny’s invaluable advice will serve him or her well.”

-       Gretchen Wright, Director of Strategic Communications, Learning Policy Institute

“This book honors teachers and educators for the professionals they truly are. Such a refreshing take on the field of education and the significance of sharing our expertise in this interconnected professional ecosystem we find ourselves in today.”

-       Lisa Paisley, Ed.D, STEM Coordinator, Saddleback Valley Unified School District, CA

 “Whether through social media, personal branding, webcasts, or other more traditional methods, scholars must engage gatekeepers and the public in whatever work they put forth. Unfortunately, most education experts don’t learn how to do this. Dr. Rankin’s Sharing Your Education Expertise With the World is the step-by-step, 21st century guide scholars need to impact today's world.”

-       Norman Eng, Ed.D., Author, Teaching College, and Founder, EducationXDesign

 “Dr.  Grant-Rankin's book is brilliant! It provides creative and practical ways to get published, whether you are a doctoral student or a professor.”

-       Colette Boston, Assistant Principal, Hillcrest Center for Enriched Studies/Music Magnet, CA

 “Sharing your Education Expertise with the World was EXACTLY what I have been looking for.  The author’s solid step-by-step guide will not leave you disappointed….Well done my fellow researcher!”

-       Darlene Breaux, Director of the Research and Evaluation Institute, Harris County Department of Education, TX

 “Dr. Rankin has figured out direct (and often unexpected) routes to getting picked for speaking and writing opportunities with big audiences, so readers don’t have to struggle to get their ideas heard by many.   Her book is an enjoyable and engaging read, demonstrating exactly the kind of good communication and storytelling practices Dr. Rankin teaches in her book.”

-       Gary D. Soto, Founder, GDS Consulting, National Speaker on Educational Reform


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Rankin, J. G. (2018). Sharing your education expertise with the world: Make research resonate and widen your impact. New York, NY: Routledge/Taylor & Francis.