Add New Opportunities


Do you know of a great opportunity for education experts reading Sharing Your Education Expertise with the World: Make Research Resonate and Widen Your Impact that is not already featured on one of the book's eResource lists of opportunities? If so, please let us know at The opportunity you add could be included on an eResource list for future editions of this book.

Opportunities include specific venues through which education experts can share their expertise (such as a specific education conference or a specific radio show that profiles education experts). Each of these opportunities fits into one of the following categories:

  • Organizations (list of opportunities to join or subscribe)
  • Serving Opportunities (list of fellowships, programs, internships, panels, boards, calls for input or participation, and opportunities to be a judge or reviewer)
  • Writing Opportunities (list of opportunities to publish articles, papers, op-eds, whitepapers, reports, chapters, and other written work)
  • Book Publishers (list of opportunities to publish books)
  • Conferences (list of speaking opportunities at conferences and other events)
  • Broadcasting Opportunities (list of opportunities to appear on radio, television, podcast, video, webcast, and more)
  • Honors (list of opportunities to receive awards, grants, and other honors)
  • Promotion Opportunities (list of opportunities to multiply the impact of your work)

Thank you for adding to the value of this book, and thus to its readers' efforts to help students through the sharing of information, strategies, and research.