Hack Ed. Calls for Better Ed-Tech Design (Amen!)

As I read “& This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things…” by Audrey Watters of Hack Education, I found myself saying, “Amen!”  In lamenting changes in the ed-tech startup LearnBoost, Watters notes ed-tech shortcomings & the problems with building & adopting ed-tech tools that rely on user training simply because they are poorly (e.g., not intuitively) designed. For education data systems, these are some of the exact problems over-the-counter data (OTCD) helps to solve. Of course, OTCD can only solve the problems when it is utilized. Thus I was also pleased to see Watters calling for educators to start demanding improved ed-tech & for ed-tech creators to start building better ed-tech. For this to happen with data systems, educators need to call for OTCD & data system vendors need to implement it to rectify the kinds of problems of which Watters writes. Seeing that happen will give us all – educators, data system vendors, & (most importantly) students – reason to celebrate.


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