OTCD Makes Appearances at Edukwest & EdTech Women

A piece I wrote for Edukwest titled Over-the-Counter Data Is the Next Frontier for Data in Edtech just posted. It summarizes what over-the-counter data (OTCD) is, why it’s needed, and what varied roles (educators, edtech staff, and edtech investors) can do to help educators’ data use.

If you haven’t checked out Edukwest before, I strongly recommend it.  Based in the French countryside, the site and its founder, Kirsten Winkler, constitute a highly informative, global voice in the realms of education and edtech.

On another note, I also wrote a piece for EdTech Women that posted recently. If you’re a woman interested in leaning in, check out EdTech Women and the Birth of an Industry. Also, consider signing up for the exciting EdTech Women while you’re there.


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