Newsworthy Resources Concerning Education Data

When it comes to following the topic of education data, varied stakeholders can hold special interest in specific sub-topics. I have organized a few recent, noteworthy resources by each common-interest category. These include: data collection & sources (for anyone collecting data or designing related instruments such as assessments), data reporting (for anyone communicating data), data privacy and Common Core Statements Standards (for anyone collecting, reporting, or using data), and data use (for educators using data).


Data Collection & Sources





Data Reporting


  • I was very impressed by Edward Tufte’s course in communicating education data, although it relates to data in any field rather than education data; he has many courses running now through April.


  • Like Tufte, Stephen Few is also an expert when it comes to communicating many types of data; his 2014 workshops begin this month.


  • Great data reporting is about understanding more than just good data visualization. Hack Design is a free course for which you can sign up to receive weekly, emailed lessons covering a wealth of other important design concepts. Thanks go to Zach Rankin for introducing me to this wonderful resource.


Data Privacy





Common Core State Standards





Data Use


  • WestEd’s Data for Decisions lists links to related research (including my own study, added 1&1/2 months ago), and there are also links to tools such as training materials.



  • Dr. Jeff Wayman is one of our generation’s leading experts in district’s use of data. His Twitter site can keep you updated on news and resources related to data use, as they are released.




Combined with the resources at, the sources listed above can help in varied endeavors related to making the most of education data. While many people have a special interest in just one of these topics, and there is no problem with specializing, stakeholders should still remain updated on all key topics that are important (and interconnected) to effective data-related practices.


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