Supplemental Documentation Templates

Templates for creating reference sheets and reference guides, as well as "real life" samples, are provided here so you can make your own report-specific supplemental documentation. Results from a quantitative study on Over-the-Counter Data (OTCD) Standards' components indicates increases of data analysis accuracy by up to 436% when educators use supplemental documentation while analyzing data. The templates and samples provided here were modeled after the supplemental documentation found to be significantly effective in that study.

The 2 reference sheet formats and 2 reference guide formats proven to increase educators' analysis accuracy when used with reports are available in Word docx format (most appropriate for PC users of Microsoft Office 2007 or later, or else the files will not display correctly) and in Word Doc format (modified for Mac users or PC users of older versions of Microsoft Office):

PC Users of Microsoft Office 2007 or Later

Mac Users or PC Users of Older Versions of Microsoft Office 2007

For each data report provided by you or your data system, use 1 of the reference sheet templates to create a reference sheet, which is a report-specific tool that helps educators understand the report it goes with and correctly analyze the report’s data. Also for each data report provided by you or your data system, use 1 of the interpretation guide templates to create an interpretation guide, which is a report-specific reference tool that walks educators through the use of a report and the correct analysis of its data. One of these 2 supplemental documentation tools provides more support to users than the other, and thus the 2 tools appeal to different types of users.



Here are some examples showing how supplemental documentation can look when the templates are used:

Reference Sheets

Reference Guides